CLUB BRASIL are an independent Brazilian / Latin Jazz record label based in the United Kingdom. We have released several highly successful and critically acclaimed albums that we recorded in England and Brazil.

We also host and organise Brazilian parties and shows with some of the world's top Latin musician's singer's dancer's and DJ's.

We launched our official CLUB BRASIL website in 2004.

Our site aims to be, not only a home page for CLUB BRASIL itself, but a complete directory for every one with a passion for Brazilian and Latin American music and culture.

Our site includes resources and links to site's world-wide for Music, Travel, Capoeira, Samba, Parties, Shows, Brazilian and Salsa Dance tuition: In short, all thing's of Latin American art, Culture, Language, Society and life.

We will of course continue to promote the latest new and events at CLUB BRASIL, including forthcoming releases on the CLUB BRASIL Record Label and our Parties and Live Events.

CLUB BRASIL aims to bring the 'Latin Spirit' to everyone through it's Parties, Events, Website, and Label. To stay in step with CLUB BRASIL register with us on this site and we'll make sure your finger is always on the right pulse...

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Club Brasil
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Club Brasil
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